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On this website, you will find information about myself as a screenwriter and the scripts that I have written. To date I have written 147 feature length movie scripts, most of which have synopses that are listed on this site including some that I have developed into produced stage plays.

Writing screenplays has become both a passion and obsession of mine. Through near 30 years of my writing journey, I have developed a skill set to produce quality screenplays in short amounts of time. I believe that every person has a story inside of them that they wish to tell (and possibly make into their own movie) but need assistance in crafting their ideas into a credible script. I am capable of this, and also maintain my personal script database that can be used to produce new and exciting scripts that can evolve into quality independent movies.

All scripts described on this website can be produced as originally written, or, can be used as a basic story template which can then be revised into an entirely new and unique movie. This is with the understanding that some scripts have already been produced, and also that certain scripts have other individuals attached who were involved in some capacity to its development, and therefore would also need to give their approval for any such usage (depending on the extent of their involvement).